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Collecting mania is a psychological disease. The collector cannot let go of anything they acquire: the urge to collect things can take measures that pose a serious threat both to the person itself and to others around them. As a result, social interacts of the obsessed collector are cut back, often leaving them in complete loneliness. The solitude will not help the collecting mania, instead, it will strengthen the dependency: to fight the loneliness, the collectors escape into a world of piling up objects and memories.

The play goes around this topic, intertwining physical theater and spoken parts.

Is it really an illness?

The collecting mania is displayed against the society’s point of view, showing how the “ill” people see the obsessed collecting; you will get to know the unique world constructed in the collectors’ fantasy and in their direct environment. The strange worshiping of objects is mixed with the collection of abstract concepts, memories, feelings, and experiences, reflecting on the psychological collecting that heavily defines today’s trendy social media. The retrospective history of the four collectors simultaneously shows the past that leads to the obsessed collecting, the strange mix of the happiness of collecting, the solitude and the shame; the echo of the society.

To be in line with the traditions of offline:ontheater, the story is placed in a unique set: as a result of the obsessed collecting, the initially almost empty space is converted into a mix of a junkyard and a sorcerer’s kitchen.

The participants’ abilities give the play a colorful taste. The show has an artistic approach towards the illness, bringing different acrobatic techniques (pole, hand stand, aerial), magic, and live music together, thus removing efficiently the negative aspect attributed to collecting by the society.


Melinda Cziráki
Benjamin Glass
Roland Heidrich
Balázs Orbán
Alexandra Vigh


The show was created by the participants with Benjamin Glass being the leader.

Creative help: Melinda Cziráki

Music: Roland Heidrich, Melinda Cziráki
Contributors: Dániel Kósa, Zsófia Szamosi
Set: Benjamin Glass, Co-director: Melinda Cziráki
Technical work: Géza Budai, Janka Galkó
Tissue coreography: Zsuzsi Nagy
Photo: Csongor Molnár
Poster: Dániel Sturm


Special thanks for the idea and inspiration to Sándor Kozma Bognár and Daniel Glass.

Thanks: Christof Glass, János Habók, Roland Kaszányi, Regine Glass, the Cziráki family, Sári Pólya, Eszter Kálmán, Katalin Szászi, Júlia Ránki, Nóra Pete, Zoli Vida, Sándor Eötvös, Péter Csillag, Alehopp! Circus school


Financial support: 
Művelődési Szint (MŰSZI), 
Art Quarter Budapest (aqb), 
Inspirál Cirkuszközpont



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