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No pflokking


(The premier on 29 May 2008 and the following presentations in June were canceled because the building to host the show burned down.)

We play with the time, space and different dimensions.
Humanity wants to keep time, an intangible element, in its hands.
A perpetuum mobile has remained a goal to achieve hundreds of years ago. We construct higher and higher and more and more stable buildings – for who? For our descendant, for the future – for ourselves?

The core idea for the show was a six meters high wooden construction. We found a brewery building before that fit our goals. The storage of the old brewery of Budafok is a 4 storey wooden construction. We took out the beams separating the floors, thus creating an 8 meters high monospace playground. The beams dismantled play their part in the visual design to keep the special atmosphere of the place.

Production: Ben Glass
Concept and director: Ben Glass, Ibolya Nyári-Nagy
Participants: Natália Demjén, Ben Glass, Kata Kovács, Ibolya Nyári-Nagy, Gábor Szabó
Circus technique: Andrea Alton, Tünde Vincze
Music: Levente Lukács
Lights: Zoltán Vida

Special thanks:
Wolfgang Bartesch, Andrea Bien, Zoltán Bodnár, Regine Glass, Daniel Glass, György Kecskés, Kata Kovács, Sándor Kozma, Nóra Pete, Tünde Vincze, Anita Krista, Dani Sturm, Gábor Szabó

Financial support:
NKA (National Cultural Found), Fox Autorent, Stiftung für kulturelle, soziale und humanitäre Initiativen, First Class GmbH, GB-proMotion Bt., pesti est, Exit.

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