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The play mixes theatrical traditions, special features of the show theater, and an interactive detective game.


The audience enters into the everyday life of a community. The performers are members of an itinerant circus, whose lives are upset by a sudden tragedy. To find out what really has happened is the task of the audience.

During the investigation the audience will get to know the lives of the company, their relationship towards each other, their buried secrets. They go together throughout the stages of the show, they understand and criticize the adventures. They have to find the perpetrator. Members of the audience find themselves in an exciting story, and they become the investigators to solve the mystery. They get more and more involved in the events as they follow the trails. The case, that seemed to be solved, turns out to be an open one and the participants are also affected. The boundary between fiction and reality is not clear. Mysterious locations, participants, and surprising scenes intensify the ambient and the excitement.

We are open to have REAL DETECTIVES to experiment with us.

Co-production team of the show: offline:ontheater, MŰSZI – Művelődési Szint, Detectivity – live detective game


Gergő Mindák, Kata Szilágyi, Kata Iván, Júlia Bársony, Anna Horváth, Anna Hanák, Flóra Bernáth, Barbara Hegedüs, Dániel Borsányi, Ben Glass, Ágnes Simor, Márton Vincze, Eszter Kovács

Duration: 60 minutes
Space needed: the show is location specific
Number of performers: 10
Number of participants: 15

With spoken and written text

Premier of the show: 1 May 2014

Location: Catacombs of the fortification in Komárom

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