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Golden cat

The Golden Cat is a location-specific acrobatic theater show.

The show takes place in a 12 m high shanty assembly hall in Budapest. In the opening scene, a worker starts repairing a high voltage cable but enters into an abstract fantasy world after suffering an electric shock.

The three women and five men combine the movements of the contemporary dance and theater with bold wall and rock climbing techniques.

The show has no defined linear story; it’s a sequence of images and feelings that stimulates the audience to create their independent associations and own interpretations. The frame story however, makes it possible to understand the show as a coherent action.

A shorter and modified version of the Golden Cat won the   Fringe award at the Budapest Fringe Fesztivál in Budapest, 2007.



Production: Ben Glass
Concept: Ben Glass, Ibolya Nyári-Nagy
Director: Ben Glass, Ibolya Nyári-Nagy, Gáspár Téri
Participants: Márton Debreczeni, Natália Demjén, Zója Drávai, Ben Glass, Zoltán Mózes, Ibolya Nyári-Nagy, Mark Szulgit, Gáspár Téri
Artistic consultant: Márta Ladjánszki
Circus technique: Andrea Alton
Coreography: Andrea Bien
Music: Róbert Olawuyi
Costume: Julia Adzuki
Lights: Zoltán Vida
Photo: Daniel Glass
Graphic design: Judit Felföldi
Translation: Nóra Pete
Duration: 60 minutes

Special thanks: Regine Glass, Daniel Glass, Benny Iggland, Kinga Porkoláb, Zoltán Landthaller, Tünde Vincze, Sándor Kozma

Financial support: Stiftung für kulturelle, soziale und humanitäre Initiativen, First Class GmbH, Pacont Kft., GB-proMotion Bt., Overland Világjárók Boltja.

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