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Gravity symphony

Circus-theater show on the roofing at the open-air stage of Millenáris.

Aerial acrobatics, wall dance and tissue at 22 m high above the ground! 6 acrobats and a dizzy height!

With live music, singing, and spectacular light installation!

On the iron structure of the open-air stage of Millenáris, you can see a harmony between our fears, the danger, and the height.

 offline:ontheater brings creates special images and ambient, creating a self-controlled world. 



Concept: Ben Glass and the company
Performers: Ibolya Nyári-Nagy, Ilka Bardóczy, Gáspár Téri, Csaba Szalai, Zoltán Tóth, Ben Glass
Music, saxophone: Levente Lukács
Singer: Ágota Siménfalvy
Lights: Zoltán Vida

Thanks: Gabriella Mesterházi, Adrienn Adony, Tamás Gerencsér, Krisztián Berg, Dániel Sturm, security and technical staff at Millenáris
Special thanks: The pigeon families living the iron structure of the open-air stage of Millenáris who participated in our work with special care and patience.

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