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Hammering Man

Body and iron. Will something completely new born out of this special combination? Or will it lead to complete exhaustion?

The show was inspired by the statue Hammering Man from Jonathan Borofsky, standing in Basel. The show is displayed on the stage with a giant projector: the statue, with the endless hammering, rules the space like a dark ghost or god building its own world. The performers constantly work on the universe, like microcosmoses. It is unknown where their motivation comes from, where the work will lead, and what will it yield in other dimensions.

The show was on stage in Trafó, Budapest within the frame of “Inspiratio” organized by Workshop Foundation in 2004.

(The Hammering Man does not run under the name of offline:ontheater, however, due to its topic and ambient it clearly follows the guidelines of the company.)



Participants: Katalin Oborni, Balázs Végh, Ben Glass, Enikő Buday
Director: Ben Glass
Coreography: Katalin Oborni, Ben Glass, Balázs Végh, Enikő Buday
Production: Ben Glass
Coach: Nóra Pete
Lights design: Gabi Bánki
Costume: Tünde Vincze
Video recording: Johannes Börlin
Video editing: Zoltán Molnár:
Set: János Jedlicska, János Sajek
Financial support: L1 Independent Artists Association, Trafó, Inspiration 

Thanks: János Hanák, R&D Glass, Ági Hajas

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