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Iron forest

People usually walk horizontal. The come and go, hurry, hustle and bustle. Into the office, out of the office, pull on the dress, pull off the dress. People chase themselves. And all these are done parallel with the ground, horizontally – we might say that’s the routine of the civilization. Some, however, stop with this routine, and start to move upwards.

The main topic of the show is the monomaniac chase among human beings, the nicely dressed, commercial, caffeine-scented hurry that has become a habit for everyone. The choreography builds upon the monotony of the work, the empty, repetitive gestures.

We still do our jobs, we come and go, however, in a different way. We leave the ground, and move vertically, mainly upwards. The chase remains the same but the location is unusual.

The steel bars hung around in the space are a variant of the Chinese pole used in the circus. Quite an uncomfortable prop but it is exactly this that the three performers have fallen in love with. The pole is not the usual place for the everyday hurry but ultimately it becomes so; and the chase looks very special on it. The creators/performers do their best in the space formed by the strange accessories.


Creators, performers: Ilka Bardóczy, Ben Glass, Gáspár Téri
Lights: Zoltán Pelle
Musical editors: Zoltán Mózes, Gáspár Téri

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