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Mensch ohne Knochen gleich Pudding

The show tells the story of a special encounter. The Death and the immortal Ashaver meet in the realm of the dead. One wants change, the other seeks eternal peace. Eternity and movement: these are the two topics inspiring the two characters.

The show “Mensch ohne Knochen gleich Pudding” (“Man without bone is like a pudding”) is a theatrical collage. It brings together acrobatics and the texts on death from classical and modern literature. The action is a leading motive to display the different moods, feelings and conflicts via the language of images, body and circus. The “Mensch ohne Knochen gleich Pudding” shows are full of movement, acrobatic elements, however, they cannot be viewed as circus or variety show. In “Mensch ohne Knochen gleich Pudding” the circus is a means of expression to support the atmosphere and images of the story. We blend theater, linguistics, dance/movement and jugglery, acrobatics, rope dance into one piece.



Duration: 1 hour
Concept and performers: Ben Glass, Christof Glass
Director: Sybille Marseiler
Costume: Andrea Greub
Flyer and photos: Beat Roth
Special thanks: Regine Glass, Daniel Glass, Johannes Boerlin, Sabine Greub, Tobias Lerch, Anna Schorner

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