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Tower performance I-III

The show is based on the characteristics of the special set and the individual capabilities of the performers. The space for the set and the whole show is a tower growing out of and RV.  The tower is a structure divided by sometimes visible, sometimes invisible walls, separators, and holes. On this structure, the movements of the horizontal world of the stage combine with the theatrical expressions and the complete freedom of the acrobatics where the possibilities in the vertical open up.

The first version was created in 2011. The company staged a 20-minutes long performance at the Sziget festival, and later at the festival on Andrássy road. The second version was brought to life by August 2012; it was on stage at the d’Watt festival at the Camping Gödör, Agárd, Hungary. This 40 minutes long show featured circus elements and professional theater lights. The third version was finished on the summer of 2014; it became the the origin for the show “Stay or leave?”.



Tower III Staff

Director: Ben Glass, Ágnes Simor
Performers: Ilka Bardóczy, Ben Glass, Ágnes Simor, Márton Vincze, Sophie Zoletnik, Gergely Geret Kiss, Balázs Orbán
Music: Balázs Igaz, Richárd Horváth, Dániel Váczi
Lights: Géza Budai, Ákos Lengyel, Balázs Juhász
Set: Ben Glass, with the help of Tamás Gerencsér and the 4LD Kft.
Special thanks: Farkas Krokovay, Róbert Bordás, Csongor Molnár, Balázs Kéri


Tower I & II Staff

Concept: Ben Glass
Director: Ben Glass and the company
Dramaturg, co-producer: Krisztina Lippai
Performers: Ilka Bardóczy, Gáspár Téri, Zoltán Tóth, Ben Glass
Music: Levente Lukács
Lights: Zoltán Pelle
Set: Ben Glass, with the help of Tamás Gerencsér and the 4LD Kft.
Video: Szabolcs Király
Photo: Gábor Szerencsés, Kati Fekete
Organizer: Prizma Kollektíva KHE

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