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Vertical dance

Vertical dance

Dance in the heights. We dance horizontally on the walls of buildings. Moments of a man and a woman


The show makes up a story. The dance is a light conversation that gets more and more serious, finally turning into a flight. The show presents the playfulness, humor, and delicacy of the relationships, the attractions, the bindings. It is a flowing game in the air from small steps to saltos. The joining bodies in the air create a fascinating and liberating view. Secured by straps and depending on the circumstances we are happy perform a duet; optionally, the show can involve more performers. We combine the acrobatic elements with traditional dance steps while moving upside down, whirling, and twisting.

Performers, creators: Ben Glass, Ágnes Simor
Duration: 10-30 minutes
Minimal height of the building: 7 m
Fixing points: 2-6
Number of performers: 2-6
Number of participants: 3-10

No spoken parts

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