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Contemporary dance-performance experiment

Entropy is an important concept in science; it is the measure of disorder in a system. The higher the entropy of a given material is, the more disordered is its state.

Entropy is the capability of the energy to transform and to be used. It is the level of the material’s thermodynamical state from which we can deduce the direction of the processes.



Entropy dance / physical theater / performance in an industrial installation, the base of which is made up of different disassembled objects, washing machines and a functioning shower.  The show is an experiment in combining unrelated elements: dance, movements, different branches of art (sculpture, painting), but industrial tools also, like an angle grinder, a welder or a hammer. Combining different materials, e.g. water, earth, paint, iron, steel, and glass with the body of the performers is an important part of our work.

Entropy intends to rise to another sphere. The act of experimenting and the display of the industrial, grotesque, bizarre, apocalyptic ambient takes precedence over a story easily understandable by the audience.

Inspiring performance and installation artists: O de Sagazan, Otto Müehl, Jean Tinguely

Concept: Ben Glass, Viktória Monhor
Director: Eszter Bitaróczky, Ben Glass, Viktória Monhor
Participants: Eszter Bitaróczky, Ben Glass, Viktória Monhor
Artistic consultant: Ibolya Nyári-Nagy
Costume: Eszter Bitaróczky, Ben Glass, Viktória Monhor
Set: Ben Glass, Tamás Gerencsér

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