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Does the perfect world exist? If the answer is yes, is it high above the clouds, or is it much near, in ourselves? 
We invite the audience to a travel from the skies down to the earth and then back again to the heights; we pass through indoors and outdoors, fight against gravity and get closer and closer to each other throughout our journey.


The show was created within the frame of the international Gesamtkunstwerk project Mixdoor – New Forms in Mixdoor Performing Arts Practices. Juggling and contemporary circus meets with vertical dancing, accompanied by modern tools (mobile apps, 3D mapping, light painting); the audience gets a spectacular and exciting show. Consisting of three parts, using indoors and outdoors also, the show can be viewed 2 times in Budapest (Hungary), Torun (Poland), Elefsina (Greece) and Zagreb (Croatia). The shows were preceded by more than one year of preparation, during which the authors and the performing artists united their visions and knowledge to create this especially complex play.



Hungarian Juggling Association (HU)

Pro Progressione Kft (HU)

offline:ontheater (HU)

HIPP – Croatian institute for movement and dance (CRO)

TAK – Toruń Cultural Agency (PL)

Motus Terrae – Centre for Arts in Public Space (GR)

Compagnie 9.81 (FR)

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