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To stay or to leave?


An aerial theater show about migration, leaving, and staying. An amazing dance-circus-theater play on a 10 m high steel construction.


Participants: Ilka Bardóczy, Ben Glass, Gergely Geret Kiss, Balázs Orbán, Ágnes Simor, Márton Vincze, Sophie Zoletnik
Mucial director, live act: Balázs Igaz
Music: Richárd Horváth, Dani Váczi/ János Vázsonyi
Set tower: Ben Glass
Lights: Géza Budai
Director: Ben Glass, Ágnes Simor

Partner: TASZ
Financial support: Norway Grants, NKA


The issue of “to stay or to leave” is a current and palpable problem for everyone in Hungary; the question is a leading social problem. Statistics of the receiving countries show that the number of migrating Hungarians raises year by year. However, personal stories of the migrants are not known, nor are the reasons and motivations behind their decisions. We went after these questions in a complex, yet humorous, multifaceted show.

The show is based on the characteristics of the special set and the individual capabilities of the performers. The stage is a classic socialist Skoda car and a tower growing out of an RV. The tower is a structure divided by sometimes visible, sometimes invisible walls, separators, and holes. On this structure, the movements of the horizontal world of the stage combine with the theatrical expressions. And the main characteristic of the completely free world of the acrobatics is to open up the possibilities in the vertical.

History of the show:

The first version was created in 2011. The company offline:ontheater staged a 20 minutes long tower performance at the Sziget festival, and later at the festival on Andrássy road. The second version was brought to life by August 2012; it was on stage at the d’Watt festival at the Camping Gödör, Agárd, Hungary. This 40 minutes long show featured circus elements and professional theater lights. The third version was created by the summer of 2014, which served as the base of the current show.

This show was preceded by years of creative experimenting. Thanks go to: Gáspár Téri, Ilka Bardóczy, Zoltán Tóth, Krisztina Lippai, Ben Glass.

Duration: 60 minutes
Space needed: 12 m wide x 18 m deep; should be reachable by a car equipped with a trailer; there should be no vertical constraints for reaching the area.
Height: 11 m
Fixing points: 1; the tower is fixed on the rear side
Number of performers: 10
Number of participants: 15

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